The Project FiveVB has two primary objectives for the next-generation of Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery cells: The first is to achieve a higher energy density cell by using innovative active materials to develop a high voltage cell as well as an assessment of the aging phenomena evaluated by testing and modelling. The second is to develop a methodology with the project team that demonstrates how it will be possible in the future to assess and to evaluate advancements in materials that will speed up the development of even better cells after the project is finished.

logo_128 The objective of eCAIMAN is to bring European expertise together to develop an automotive Li-ion battery cell that can be produced in Europe. The consortium consists of several highly experienced industrial partners and research organizations. Together we will develop a more powerful battery by modifying and improving individual components and technologies to result in a significant overall improvement of the cell. Key innovations include a 5 V high-voltage spinel cathode, a high-capacity composite anode, and a stable high-voltage electrolyte. Their cumulative effect should improve total cell capacity by at least 20%.